Escape From Tarkov Expanding The Customs Location

The Customs area to feature new paths to travel, spawn points, and a more difficult raid

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Battlestate Games announced that the Escape from Tarkov map has undergone some major updates. The Customs location has been changed significantly, adding plenty of different ways for players to traverse the area. Some of the new paths are hidden, giving players the opportunity to sneak around unnoticed or ambush an unsuspecting player from the shadows. Additionally spawn points for loot and players have been added to the area. The Customs area raid difficulty level has also been increased.

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore MMO FPS set in the Russian city of Tarkov. Tarkov has been sealed off and two private military companies are at war in a desperate attempt to escape. The game is set to enter Closed Beta testing later this year. Sign ups are available at the official site.

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