Trench Run Launches on Steam

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Transhuman Design (King Arthur’s Gold) launched their latest title today. Trench Run is a 2D shooter that features no deaths. To continue playing, gamers simply need to crawl to the closest medkit and get back into the fight. The game is played in two phases, a combat phase, followed by a truce phase where players can hang out at the bar, play basketball, and buy items.

Trench Run features five classes, each with unique abilities. The game ships with two modes: Run mode, which is designed for 2-10 players, and Skirmish mode, which is designed up to four players in a free for all brawl. Maps are semi-randomly generated and destructible.


Trench Run is out now for Linux, Mac, and Windows on Steam. The game normally $7.99 USD, but it has been marked down 10% until April 14 to celebrate the launch.

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