Visual novel d2b vs DEARDROPS release date set for late September

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Today MangaGamer revealed that they are planning to release d2b vs DEARDROPS -Cross the Future-, an all-ages PC visual novel, on September 26th and they have opened up pre-orders for the title. Those who pre-order d2b vs DEARDROPS will be able to purchase the game for $17.95 which is about 10% off the release price of $19.95.

You can pre-order the game here and as for the story of d2b vs DEARDROPS, it follows the story of the Second Literature Club Band challenging DEARDROPS in a performance at their anniversary concert. With the two bands clashing together, how will they change each others’ lives as they prepare for this battle of the bands?

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  • Oh great another Video game involving High Schoolers yay! Seriously Im glad that Managagamer is bringing more visual novels to the west however it would be nice to see more pieces of japanese media that dont revolve around high school. For anybody whos interested in this or know about this franchise, is there a anime, manga, or light novel to this story or is it a standalone?

    • koga88

      I’m not incredibly familiar with either of the games, but DearDrops has a visual novel of their own while d2b is from the visual novel series Kira Kira. Both of them are older 18+ eroge and neither have been given any type of adaptations and this is more like an all-ages crossover between the games from the sounds of it.

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