MangaGamer Announces “Go Go Nippon” Steam Release

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Publisher “MangaGamer” and developer “OVERDRIVE” are extremely excited to announce that their guide game “Go Go Nippon!” has just been made available for PCs via Steam! This odd yet enjoyable guidbook-style game has the player take control of a protagonist who is simply visiting Japan. “Go Go Nippon” pairs the player up with two beautiful sisters who will show you, the protagonist, the different sights around Japan. All the famous sightseeing spots are present in this game as well as some side-games that will also allow you to discover some of the local delicacies from around the country.

You’ll finally be able to experience the greatness that is travelling around Japan with a cute girl on each arm. What else could you really ask for? The game hosts some beautiful and mostly realistic animation that I’m sure fans of both Japan and Anime will equally enjoy. For those of you not quite convinced I suggest you head over to our review of the game by clicking here, but if you’re still not convinced after reading that then just take a look down below where we’ve got a small gallery of screenshots for the game to take a peek at. You wont be sorry! For more information on the game you can head to the official “MangaGamer” website by clicking here or, if you’re already convinced this game is for you, why not just head straight to the Steam store by clicking here. Yoi tabi o motte iru (have a good trip)!

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