Additional English cast members announced for A Certain Magical Index II

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This weekend at Otakon FUNimation revealed a number of new English voice actors who will be joining the rest of the already established and newly announced cast members for A Certain Magical Index II’s English dub.

The newly revealed voice actors and their characters, many of which appear in the second half of this season, can be found below:

  • Andrew Chandler – Acqua
  • Marcus Stimac – Amata Kihara
  • Barry Yandell – Biagio Busoni
  • Bob Magruder – Pope Matthai Reese
  • Patrick Seitz – Ritoku Komaba
  • Clifford Chapin – Shiage Hamazura
  • George Manley – Terra
  • Leah Clark – Vasilisa
  • Kara Edwards – Vento

As for the series itself, FUNimation is planning on releasing the first half of the second season in a Blu-ray and DVD combo pack on October 14th.

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