A Certain Magical Index II English dub trailer and new cast revealed

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It has been over a year and a half since A Certain Magical Index was first released in North America after a substantial delay and while we knew the company had licensed the second season, many people were left wondering when A Certain Magical Index II would be released by FUNimation. Well today the company has not only given us a trailer previewing the second season, the first part of which will be released on October 14th, but also a list of who will be voicing the new characters introduced this season.

The newly announced characters and who will be voicing them can also be found below and the trailer, which shows off the English voice work for some of the new characters, can be found below that.

  • Alex Moore – Agnese Sanctis
  • Kristin Sutton – Angelene
  • Bryn Apprill – Awaki Musujime
  • Ed Blaylock – Charles Conder
  • Rachel Robinson – Lidvia Lorenzetti
  • Lauren Landa – Lucia
  • Jennifer Green – Oriana Thomson
  • Mallorie Rodak – Orsola Aquinas
  • Bob Carter – Ouma Yamisaka
  • Duncan Brannan – Saiji Tatemiya
  • Skyler McIntosh – Seiri Fukiyose
  • Haley Esposito – Tushim
  • Andrea Freyberg – Uragami
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