Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Announced for Mobile Devices

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Cloud Rides Again

It would seem that Final Fantasy VII just cannot be stopped. Not even time itself can dent the appeal of this loved instalment into the colossal franchise now numbering fifteen in Roman numerals, though this is in no way indicative of how many games have actually been released. Regardless, the list of titles bearing VII is set to grow by one, as Square Enix have announced a new experience exclusive to the mobile platform: Final Fantasy VII G-Bike.

Now if this name seems familiar to you VII fans, that’s because you may have played G-Bike before in a little place called The Gold Saucer. Pulled directly from this world of wonderment, the new and improved G-Bike will help you relive the time you spent ignoring the world’s peril and decided to play games instead. For shame. The new version will feature completely new graphics and a form of customisation that will help you throughout the levels. In addition to racing down the Midgar Highway with the wind rushing through your impossible hair, you will also be forced to fight some familiar boss monsters who just love to get in your way. Naturally, Cloud has his trusty Buster Sword with him, so feel free to blow away any foes you encounter. It’s way more effective than honking the horn.

No specifics have been given regarding the release date of G-Bike, though we do know that it’s in development…so that’s a start. Check out the trailer below, enjoy the rockin’ soundtrack and prepare yourself to ride the Hardy-Daytona once more. It’s kinda the coolest.

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