Devil’s Third Trailer Finally Released

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Thrice the violence

No you didn’t hear me wrong, Nintendo‘s E3 press conference finally revealed some more information about a game that has been a long time coming: Devil’s Third. With conception reaching all the way back to 2008, Devil’s Third has seen a lot of hurdles before it found its new home on the Wii U. As in, THQ was the original publisher…yeah. But luckily for the game, and us, Nintendo has gotten into the habit of saving projects in danger of falling by the wayside.

Anywho, the trailer released provides us with a little insight into the gameplay of Devil’s Third and it is….excessive. You play as Ivan, a mercenary type covered in more tattoos than you can throw a hatchet at. Regardless, his inherent skill with weaponry grants you the privelage of versatility in you murder spree. Enjoy shooting? There’s plenty of guns. Enjoy slashing? Boy has the game got swords for you. Enjoy…drum solos? Well, there’s one of those too. Awesome. From what was shown the game will also feature an influence of Asian culture, somewhat modernised by the excessive combat that shall take place throughout.

But enough of me telling you what’s in the trailer, check it out for yourself. It’s just down below. How convenient…did I mention the excessive violence? I feel like that’s important.

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