Space Hulk Expansion: Wolf Guard Deep Strike to the Breach

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Space Hulk, indie developer Full Control Studio’s faithful adaption of the renowned board game with the same title, will have a new expansion featuring the Space Wolves . The game is set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40 000 universe and is iconic in regards to its power armoured genetic super warrior monks known as ‘space marines’. It’s a grim, dark future in which there is only war, bloodshed, and the thirsting of dark gods.

The new space marine chapter to feature in the series will bring 11 new unique Space Wolves terminators (or ‘Wolf Guards’ for those who are keeping track) who will have new weapons such Frost Axes and Wolf Claws. A Runepriest will also be making an appearance with skills such as ‘Murderous Lightning’ and ‘Hurricane’. These, along with new chapter specific rules being introduced are going to add a new element to the gameplay of this turn-based strategy title.

The ‘Sons of Fenris’ will have a grand old time in three new missions, and the new Space Wolf terminators can be played in all other missions as well. We have previously covered the release of a different expansion for the series here. It remains to be seen whether or not Space Marines with a taste for dog food and wolf pelts can actually withstand a genestealer ambush however…

The full game and expansion is available on steam here and for Mac iOS here.


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