“J-Stars Victory Vs.” Game Promotion Takes To The Streets Of Shibuya

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You’ve never seen a promotion for a game quite like this one! With all the hype surrounding “J-Stars Victory Vs.” finally coming to the boil in anticipation of its release in Japan, it seems as though the marketing guys at Namco Bandai have come up with an excellent way to make the general public aware of such an incredible title and to get fans already into the game incredibly excited for it. This promotion comes in the form of a huge installation outside of a”Parco” department store in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The installation shows Goku (Dragon Ball Z) fighting against Luffy (One Piece) and it looks absolutely amazing. Below we have a gallery full of images of the installation for all of you to look at and appreciate, I certainly did! For those of you reading from Japan; the game is available now for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita so head down to your local game store now to pick it up and if you live somewhere in or near Shibuya, head down to check out the installation, it will be up until the 23rd of March so you only have a few days left.


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