Ultimate Boob Wars now available for pre-order at MangaGamer

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ultimate-boob-wars-sfw-screenshot- (2)

The ultimate war between the battle of the sizes is about to begin again and it will be up to the player to decide who will win the boob wars, the flat chested girls or the girls with ample bosoms? Today MangaGamer has announced that they will be releasing Ultimate Boob Wars on February 21st and the digital title is now available for pre-order on their site for $44.95. More details and additional screenshots for the eroge can be seen on the official website, but it is highly NSFW so we have only included some of the tamer screenshots below.

As for the story of this 18+ PC title, after the women of the world became either flat chested or big breasted, a divide split the land in two and a delicate balance was formed between the two tribes. However now that the “Chest Cleavage,” the dividing line between the tribes, has fallen, the big breast and flat chest kingdoms have begun fighting an all out war once again and it will be up to players to help decide the winner.

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