The Miiverse Launches on the 3DS

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It is a big day for 3DS owners. No, it isn’t more Pokemon or Zelda news (though I am sure most of you are playing one of the two). The Miiverse has officially landed on the 3DS. This social networking service allows users to doodle and send messages to others, in a organized forum like format.

Those who own a Wii U know all about this, and will be able to link their profile to their 3DS. Keep in mind that your Mii on your 3DS may be sacrificed for the whole transfer option, so choosing between the two is something you should decide while downloading the update. This is Nintendo’s next step towards a proper profile function, and hopefully its full evolution will be something we see in the future. You can download the update as of today, and keep an eye out for further functionality in the future.

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