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We may see another game based on our favourite serial killer, The Ripper. The Slaughter, which is on Kickstarter looking for funds, goes back to an old-school style of game-play with a 2D point-and-click adventure. The game is described as Blue Velvet meets Monkey Island. With dark adult themes and an emphasis on character development, this game by Brainchild is sure to keep gamers enthralled.

The story starts as a serial killer is terrorizing the streets of Victorian London and private investigator Sydney Emerson has hit a new low between finding lost dogs and receiving alleyway beatings. A turn of events sees Sydney forgoing his selfish nature and thrusting himself into perilous and increasingly surreal situations that will see him walking the line between dreams and reality.


Explore the seedy streets of Victorian London, while players search the slums, taverns, opium dens and even Sydney’s dreams and hallucinations for leads. Meet a cast of interesting, insane and eccentrically British characters and hunt a killer while exploring the deeper human condition.

Through The Slaughter, Brainchild is seeking to create a game that doesn’t attempt to emulate a film or novel, but uses the combination of music, art, narrative, and interaction to create an unforgettable and unique experience.


Gameplay uses the aspects of point-and-click adventures in a creative way to create tricky yet logical puzzles and entertaining interactions. Little details in the dialogue were used to make the world seem alive, as character dialogue can be amusing, abstract, sombre or aggressive depending on their mood. The nature of Sydney’s conversation options will also change throughout the game as his state of mind deteriorates, the trauma he encounters having a realistic effect on his human interactions.

The Kickstarter campaign seeks to raise £8000, which upon passing, stretch goals will be revealed.

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