Qinglongmon Arrives in Digimon Masters


Well he isn’t called Qingshortmon

Online developer Joymax has announced an all-new super sale along with the new Ultimate Digimon, Qinglongmon, as part of its October update for its MMORPG Digimon Masters Online.

The latest ultimate Digimon to arrive is Qinglongmon, a Dragon Man Digimon. As a subspecies of the classic Greymon, player may enjoy this brand new battler. Apparently there are many unknowns about its strength, but you can bet it’s probably pretty powerful, what with being Ultimate and all that.

From October 22nd   through November 12th, Digimon Masters will host a new $1 Digimon super sale!  Four electrifying Digimon will be on sale for just $1.00: Dracomon Blue, Lopmon, Salamon (Black Gatomon) and Fanbeemon.  All tamers are invited to check out this limited time offer plus be on the lookout for more exciting updates and events throughout October.

For more information on this super-sale and what deals you can nab, plus the man-dragon Qinlongmon, visit the official site and Facebook page. Check out the screenshots below and enjoy the majesty of Qinlongmon. Digivolve to Ultimate!

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