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I personally thought that, with only one day left until the release of Pokemon X and Y, that no more actual Pokemon announcements would be made, looks like I was wrong though because the latest issue of CoroCoro Magazine has dropped some crazy Poke-Bombs on the world and it’s just made Pokemon fans everywhere more pumped up for the game’s release tomorrow. Alongside the Official Release of the Starter Pokemon’s Final Evolutions, we were also given 4 new Mega-Pokemon.

It was also announced that the magazine itself will be giving away a special in-game Garchomp within their next issue. The Garchomp will be holding a “Dragon Fang” and will come loaded up with the moves; Crunch, Dragon Claw, Dig and Draco Meteor. The magazine has said that details on how to get it’s Mega Stone will also be revealed in the next issue of the magazine.

- Chesnaught - Delphox - Greninja -

– Chesnaught – Delphox – Greninja –

There has been a fantastic amount of leaks from Pokemon X and Y over the past week or so including the names of the the Starter’s Final Evolutions and, while there has been no Official confirmation, I believe it’s safe to assume the following information about these ones: Chespin’s final evolution will be a Grass/Fighting Type called “Chesnaught” with the ability “Overgrow”, Fennekin’s final evolution will be a Fire/Psychic Type called “Delphox” with the ability “Blaze” and Froakie’s final evolution will be a Water/Dark Type called “Greninja” with the ability “Torrent”.

These evolutions will take a little getting used to but I’m sure once you’re using them in-game you’ll come to love them just like every other Pokemon out there. Click the image above to see it on a larger scale.

- Mega Tyranitar - Mega Aggron - Mega Kangaskhan - Mega Gengar -

– Mega Tyranitar – Mega Aggron – Mega Kangaskhan – Mega Gengar –

Here we have the next four Mega Pokemon to be released, two of which were already leaked but have now been confirmed. Allow me to take you through the info that we have so far: Mega Tyranitar will keep it’s original Type and ability so there’s no big change there apart from stats, Mega Aggron will turn into a pure Steel Type and gain the ability “Filter” which reduces Super Effective damage, Mega Gengar’s type hasn’t been confirmed as of yet but it’s ability has been confirmed as “Shadow Tag” which keeps the enemy Pokemon in battle no matter what, making it a huge asset to one’s team, Mega Kangaskhan will have the ability “Parental Bond” which allows the Pokemon to attack twice in each turn, so far no changes in type have been confirmed.

Pokemon X and Y for the 3DS is set for release tomorrow on the 12th of October worldwide so start gearing up for the ride of your life and for an adventure that you won’t soon forget!

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