Two New Videos Released For Pokemon X and Y

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Both the Japanese side of Nintendo and the Western side have released a video for Pokemon X and Y, here we are coming into the final stretch and we still continue to get more and more from the franchise. These videos are a little bit different to the ones we’ve seen in the past. The first I want to talk about is the Japanese Trailer Video, while no new information or footage has been released within this trailer, it HAS given us a really big overview of everything we’ve seen so far. It shows us Mega Evolutions, full character customisation, some of the new-released Pokemon, etc. It is a basically a trailer that brings all the information we’ve been given into one, nice, little package. That trailer can be seen just below this paragraph:

The second video that has been released is an English Commercial which Nintendo has started streaming. It actually only shows a small part of the gameplay but that’s not what this video focuses on. The video mixes live action and CGI, showing real people with animated Pokemon in locations all around the world. The video is clever because each of the people talking have slightly different accents and are shown to be somewhere different in every shot, clearly this is meant to represent the games worldwide release which is a big deal because a Pokemon game has never been released worldwide on the same date ever before. It’s quirky and interesting and you can check out this video in the Featured Video Section just below this article. Start getting excited because Pokemon X and Y are set for release on October the 12th which isn’t too far away!

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