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One thing with gaming consoles is that the sounds it makes quickly become part of your daily life. The ‘ping’ as you switch on your Xbox 360, or the ‘click’ you hear as you cycle through options on the PS3’s menu become part of the overall experience. While these become part of the trademark of the consoles, one thing gamers always really care about is the sound the fan makes.

How many times have you heard, or have you yourself said “the fan on this console is too loud!” Or even the opposite “I can barely hear the fan, it is awesome!” Obviously we want the consoles themselves to be as quiet as possible to not interrupt our gameplay experience, and Sony, being the smart cookies that they are, are well aware of that.

Uploaded today on the Sony UK PR Instagram account was this brief 30 second video. The video just simply showed the upcoming PS4 console, and let us hear the power-on beep that many players will soon be accustomed to, as well as the almost silent fan that the console will be running.

Quiet isn’t it? I had to listen to the video a few times on max volume, as my computer’s fan was louder than the PS4s. What do you think? Was the fan quiet enough, or do you need there to be absolute dead silence while you are gaming? Let us know in the comments below and remember that you can hear that satisfying ‘beep’ and the whisper quiet fan of the PS4 when it launches November 29th. Always remember to stay tuned to Capsule Computers for all the PS4 news as it becomes available.

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  • Toruis

    I wish we could go back to the days where you switch on your console and look the game is already loading and in a few seconds i can press start and play. Instead we get all that guffing long signing in time that gets worse as your hard drive get full.

    • yeah that’s true, normally u can get the games to auto load if u set that up in the system settings ~MA

    • Sergei Lazarev

      The PS4 will have a feature where rather than turning off the console, you just put it to sleep like the PSP/PS Vita and you can jump in right where you left off. Very handy!

      • Toruis

        But what if there is a power cut?

        • Sergei Lazarev

          Unless something has backup power then nothing is safe from a power cut 😛

          • Toruis

            Aah i see so they didn’t think that far ahead heheh 🙂

          • probably best to buy UPS ~MA

          • Toruis

            For that price i’d expect one to be built in.

          • no ups’ are quite big maybe for the price they should give u a baby one for free 😉 ~MA

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