Blue Exorcist The Movie English Trailer Released

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It’s finally here! An English-Dubbed trailer for the Blue Exorcist movie! On Tuesday of this week Aniplex of America posted the very first English Trailer of the movie and it’s pretty awesome. It’s funny because the Blue Exorcist series was only every released with Subtitles in North America, and subsequently everywhere else, so this will be the first English showing of the franchise. Aniplex is schedualing a re-release of the DVD/Blu-rays with dual audio which will be broken up into two parts and are set for release in both July and September which means the first part should have already been released.


The actual trailer itself doesn’t give too much away about the plot but we do have the Official Synopsis from Aniplex of America:

Set at a time when True Cross Academy is in the midst of preparing for a festival celebrated every 11 years, a mysterious demon named Usamaro suddenly appears. Since Usamaro’s appearance, strange events have been happening across True Cross Academy. It’s up to Rin and the other exorcists to figure out what is going on before their city falls apart.


The supernatural, action-packed Anime is real popular all over the world and that’s why Aniplex of America has decided to partner up with Eleven Arts to screen the movie in six different cities across the United States. Places like LA, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, New York and Katy, Texas will all be showing the Blue Exorcist Movie so if you live in any of those areas it’s time to start getting excited! You can see the full list of theatres and dates here. Head down to the Featured Video section below to check out the trailer and don’t forget to hit up our comments section just below that to drop us a line.

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