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Some nightmarish news for Nintendo and the industry in general, as a team going by the name Gateway have announced successful hacking of the Nintendo 3DS. Gateway have produced a video showcasing their latest creation booting 3 bootleg ROMS, including Luigis mansion, claiming it to be the world’s first 3DS flashcart, with seemingly no other legitimate use than to download and play illegally obtained games.


The video proof that was released clearly shows 3 different games being run, both in 3D and 2D modes, and both without the use of an original game cartridge. While Console modding is nothing new to the industry, it has always tried at least, to remain hidden behind the guise of homebrew rather than piracy. These flashcarts, which have plagued Nintendo from the DS launch, are deceptively crippling due to the tiny size of the game software and lack of skills required for installation.


Whilst reading through many of the forums, especially those exclusively Nintendo based sites; it is good to see a backlash from many within the gaming community, and certain hatred towards companies such as Gateway who see nothing wrong with making vast profits out of someone else’s hard work.

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  • NatT96™

    Many sites are getting ready to sell the flashcard.Gateway 3DS has had many mixed opinions of “ruining” the 3DS, to “Improving” and “doubling” its sales. Now I do see a difficulty in using the Gateway. One is that you will need an sd card for every single game. Also there still is not word on if the flashcard allowing roms from any region. I do not see it crippling the 3DS.

    • Skub

      Needing a microSD card for each individual game has been proved as untrue by the gateway card’s developers. They claim that in the proof of functionality video, they chose to use a still-in-development build of the software just to prove that 3DS games will run off of the cart, and that the release version will allow users to select a game stored on the microSD card.

      • NatT96™

        Awsome, thats cool….well not in Nintendo’s case.

      • kickitup97

        Some people on forums are saying that the video is old and they made a rom manager now, it’s just a rumor through.

  • steinhauershawn

    Nintendo said from the start they can force all 3DS’s to download newly encrypted firmware that blocks pirate carts once the existing firmware has been hacked and if not they can brick and disable a 3DS that does not download the new firmware.

    • Yes that is what they said, so maybe with the next update this Gateway cart might not work ~MA

    • Ishmael Shelton

      How they force your 3ds to download anything if you’re not online?

  • Chippy Caramel

    I’d much rather see something like this being used for homebrew and app development, rather than strictly pirating games. Maybe in the years to come.

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