New Pokemon X and Y Trailer Reveals Fairy Type

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The 18th Type

Hello Pokefans! During their E3 presentation, Nintendo Direct!Nintendo revealed a new trailer further exploring the upcoming Pokemon X and Y.

The biggest reveal of the trailer was the introduction of an 18th type: Fairy. The type will encompass the newest Eeveelution Sylveon, along with altering the types of a few previous Gen Pokemon. So far those to receive the addition of the Fairy type, are Jigglypuff (Normal/Fairy), Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy) and Marill (Water/Fairy). In the line of combat, Fairy type moves will be super-effective against Dragon type, with the new moves Moonblast, a powerful move which lowers the enemies attack stat, and Fairy Wind being showcased.

The trailer also provided a brief glimpse of two new Gen VI additions. Who’s that Pokemon?





Vivillon seems to fill the calling of the Gen VI bug Pokemon, a la Butterfree, though, judging by the look and name, Vivillon, may be partly Fairy type. Vivillon is also said to evolve from a Pokemon called Spewpa, though no more information has been released as of yet. Noivern appears to be a new addition to the Dragon type, suggested by the “-vern” suffix and new move Boomburst, though it also possesses similarities to the bat style Pokemon of each region, a la Zubat.

The trailer also expressed a new feature to X and Y: Pokemon-Amie. The new mode allows players to feed, pet and play with their Pokemon, seemingly adding to the happiness statistic in previous instalments. Players may also copy the actions of their Pokemon which, assumedly through use of the 3DS camera function, will make them happier.

Check out the trailer below and once again: Welcome to the world of Pokemon.

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