Nintendo adds Download Play to Several Virtual Console Titles on the 3DS

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If you happened to be an ambassador or have purchased a good number of downloadable classics on the 3DS, this news is for you. Starting this week – or on May 3rd to be exact, many two player virtual console titles will add in download play, allowing a second owner of a 3DS to download the game temporarily to join in on some two player gaming. This week, Balloon Fight, Yoshi, Super C, and Ice Climber have all appeared and will be the first selected for the update.

If that wasn’t sweet enough, the AU is also getting Pac-Man (NES) and Mega Man this week on the Wii U, and Zen Pinball 2 and all of it’s glorious tables can be downloaded via the free trial service. Yes, the Australian eShop is lacking, but with these retro favorites, you guys down under are getting there. Open up that 3DS this Friday and start your downloading!

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