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Siren Visual have just dropped a ‘monster’ announcement that they will be adding one of the most critically acclaimed anime series of all time to their rich catalogue. That’s right, they have licensed Naoki Urasawa’s MONSTER, an award-winning masterpiece anime series based upon the legendary manga thriller of the same name.

MONSTER, set within Düsseldorf, Germany; tells the story of a Japanese brain surgeon, Kenzo Tenma, who decides to save a young boy’s life over the life of the city’s mayor. This one decision sets a domino effect into motion, with people beginning to meet bizarre and gruesome fates around Tenma. It seems like a ‘monster’ is on the loose.


Siren Visual have outlined that they will release the 72 episode epic over 5 collections starting with the first in November 2013. These MONSTER releases will feature both English dub and English sub with the original Japanese soundtrack. Unfortunately due to the fact that there exists no HD masters of MONSTER, a Blu-Ray release is not possible at this time, so these releases will be DVD format only.

Interestingly enough, MONSTER is also set to be adapted into a live-action TV series by Guillermo Del Toro and HBO. Regardless, this acquisition announcement is certainly huge news for Siren Visual fans and MONSTER fans alike. Be sure to ‘like’ Siren Visual’s official Facebook page for all your latest updates.


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