Idol Group relies on the economy for fashion choices.

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machikado-keiki-japan- group.
It may seem rather odd to compare the Japanese stock market with J-pop idols, but there is one newly formed group who are keen observers. Machikado Keiki Japan bases their skirt lengths off of how well the Nikkei 225 stock market index does; the higher the stock, the lower the skirts.

The Four member group has set up a scale relating to the rise and fall of the Nikkei Index and their dresses, if the index falls below 10000 points then the group will wear long skirts and an increase of over 13,000 points will result in no skirts being warn, as shown when they appeared for an interview for a Japanese newspaper, choosing to wear lacy shorts instead.

Their first song, released in April, is based on the economic decisions made by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whose policies are more often referred to as Abenomics. Click here to see their music video or check it out by scrolling down.

The theory behind the correlation of skirt lengths and the stock market is better known as the “Hemline Theory” and although showing coincidental data favoring the theory, it is still regarded as dubious.

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