009 Re:Cyborg Announced for REEL Anime 2013

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Madman announced their acquisition of 009 Re:Cyborg yesterday and scheduled it for this year’s REEL Anime cinema screenings. The announcement was made at the Gold Coast Supanova Pop Culture Expo and fed to their Facebook page.

The film is a remake of of the classic Cyborg 009, and is set during a global coordinated attack on cities. A team of nine cyborgs are brought back together, but their leader now lives alone in Tokyo with his memories wiped.

This is the latest in a long string of re imaginings of the original manga. Three anime shows aired in 1968, 1979 and 2001 along with three theatrical movies.

009 Re:Cyborg is the second film announced for REEL Anime 2013, with Evangelion 3.0 revealed earlier as the first. Check out the official website for the film and the trailer below.

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