If 7 Up is good enough for Dynasty Warrior 8’s Zhao Yun; it’s good enough for me

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Every once in awhile you see a game in the West given so much promotion that they actually appear on a bag of Doritos or on a Mountain Dew can. This happens only for the biggest releases in the West, but in Japan strange promotional tie-ins are common practice.

So common in fact that Tecmo Koei has created a 7 Up costume for Dynasty Warriors 8’s Zhao Yun. The costume is available for free on the PlayStation Network, but then again the game has only been released in Japan today and Tecmo Koei hasn’t stated whether or not this will be heading overseas yet.

This isn’t the first time a soda has been promoted via Dynasty Warriors if you remember a few years ago when Lu Bu couldn’t get enough Pepsi Next…

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