Hunter x Hunter announcement to be made after film’s credits

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It has been confirmed through Weekly Shonen Jump that a major announcement will be attached to the end of each screening of Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge, the franchises first film adaptation.

Following the ending credits of each screening a big announcement is said to be revealed. The film opens in theaters across Japan later this week.

As to what the announcement could be, it may very well have to do with either the return of the manga or something about the series 15th anniversary this March. It might just be to do with both of those things even.

What do you think this major announcement could be? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist
  • Namevis

    whatever it may be,I’.m quit contented with these news:)

  • sander

    bleach anime coming back!!

    • Haris Siddiqui

      really! thats great. where di u get the news from?

  • Zelda

    According to Mainichi, the second movie of Hunter x Hunter was announced at the end of Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge movie. The short trailer showed Chairman Netero and the Heavens Arena.

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