Posted by Dustin Spencer on Jan 13, 2013

Capsule Computer’s 2012 Game of the Year Awards

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What? You thought we would end this show without something extra? Well, At Capsule Computers, we love to have fun with everything we do. In favor of that whole aspect of entertainment for our readers, we sat down and did a deliberation for the Game of The Year Awards, recorded everything, and stapled it all together so you could see how these awards won their coveted prizes.


This podcast is hosted by Dustin Spencer, and features Editor and Chief Philip Federico, Managing Editor Travis Bruno, Seniors Editors Benjamin Webb and Luke Halliday, as well as Editors Claire Phillips, Joshua Moris, Joshua Spudic, Brad Webster, Zac Elawar, and Simon Wolfe – who all came together and fought for their favorites to decide who would win each award.

Enjoy the Podcast down below, and let’s here it for an even better 2013!



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  • Ghost365

    Resident Evil 6 a good game? LOL

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Funny, the Nintendo Land part of this review makes the Wii U sound even more pitiful than it is. I can’t wait until Nintendo’s third-party, I grew up with their games and would like to play them on hardware that isn’t disgustingly bad.