Halo 4 Skill Rank Announcement

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343 Industries has finally revealed their plans for the competitive skill rank system that Halo 4 will include. They first went and confirmed that Halo 4 will not be launching with a skill based ranking system. As for actual specifications, they revealed that the new ranking system will launch in early 2013 via title update and you will be able to view the  competitive skill rank on Halo Waypoint. The ranks will be available on all forms of Halo Waypoint no matter what device you are using to access it.

At Halo 4’s launch, the competitive skill system will measure your performance against other players in Halo 4 War Games and use this information to match you up against opponents of comparable skill ranks. When the CSR system is fully implemented post-launch, Waypoint will assign each player a visible and detailed Skill Rank, viewable in the player profile section of Halo Waypoint.

All playlists will include the competitive skill rank system so you will be able to play your favorite game type and get assigned a CSR from anywhere in the range of 1-50. Also, it has been said that they currently don’t know if they will keep your players statistics or if they will reset everyone’s statistics and start fresh.

Halo 4 will be launching November 6.

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  • They need to implement the same skill structure they had in Halo 2 and 3. I understand they dont wish to promote boosters and selling accounts but thats what made this franchise so great on multiplayer, the competitive aspect and the rewards you receive for your gameplay rather than your longevity of playing the game.

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