PlayStation Vita to support over 100 PSOne Classics with initial update

Sony PS Vita News

Sony has announced that their PlayStation Vita handheld will be able to support over one hundred different PSOne Classics when the update hits the handheld next week. Some of these big games include Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2 and of course, Final Fantasy VII.

There has not been a full list of these games revealed yet, though with the release of Firmware 1.8 happening on August 28th, many will be eager to turn on their Vita and see what they will be able to download. Better late than never right Sony? Any titles that you specifically would like to see available upon launch?

As a big fan of anime and games I'll be quick to cover anything that happens to be of interest.
  • Guest

    It won’t matter for the fate of the Vita, it’s dead. Nobody wants to play 15 year old games that look bloody ugly on that little screen and have no trophy support or whatever enhancements from the originals. Should have been at least PS2 or good PSP games but apparently the Vita can’t emulate those at full speed so they need to be remade. Vita is such a failure!

    • Guest

      That is the most opinionated piece I have ever seen! In fact, if you look on many many other threads you will see a lot of people excited about this! Second of all it does have the power too, it doesn’t have some ps2 games due to the same reasons the ps3 doesn’t. And the ps3 most definitely can play ps2 games

      • Richard

        Those games on the PS3 are definitely remade (or better term modified). They aren’t the original PS2 bits that are emulated as even the PS3 lacks the power to emulate the PS2 fully. The 1st guest is right. Too bad there are so many PS3tards around that are crying at their dying company.

        • Teflon02

          WTH are you talking about? PS3 is selling the most consoles this year, what’s dead about that? No one said anything about sony but you, sounds like your crying cuz you know sony can’t die anytime soon. PS3 can play all ps2 games, (first PS3) then without the chip all were perfect but a slight few. Now they just have few up because licences mainly then companies still having resources to provide. Next, The PS2 games on PSN are modified but as in changed format modified, Sony has said before they do not change the game at all because it wouldn’t really be a classic. Now I know because PS1 says it’s modified but I have the Crash Team Racing Disc and download and crash 3 + FFVII, & FFIX and not even a slight difference. Stop hating, Even PSP games were modified to play on PSP at first because they are optimized to play through a disc. The PSP games that were redone for PSN or was PSN ready didn’t have the warning or modified version lable. To much hating for no reason

          • Tom

            That doesn’t matter. Sony is dying at a rapid pace. Bleeding money like there’s no tomorrow. They will be the large corporation to go under this recession.

    • Guest2

      The PS1 Classics have really high sales for the PS3/PSP and now VITA. In
      fact, one of the biggest selling titles is FFVII. People like to be
      able to play at home, copy their save to their portable, and keep
      playing on the go. Look ugly on the little screen? They actually look
      better on the little screen than the big screen because the original
      resolution for PS1 was 320×240. They have to be upscaled for the PS3 and
      PSP but they look fantastic on the small screen. Good PSP games? Pretty
      much every PSP game on the PSN can be purchased for and played on the
      VITA. If you already bought it, you don’t need to pay again so all the
      PS1 and PSP games you just download to an additional device. As a
      results, just 6 months after release there are hundreds of games
      available on the VITA with more coming out each week, including all of
      the new games I’m sure you think are ports like WipeOut 2048 and
      Uncharted Golden Abyss. These are all new games. WipeOut 2048 even lets
      you play the full WipeOut HD and WipeOut Fury on the VITA if you already
      bought them for the PS3 — with new trophies for the new platform.

  • I want Novastorm.

  • Need For Speed II

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