Bleach Manga enters hiatus due to sickness

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If you were concerned about the fact that there hasn’t been a new chapter for Bleach appearing in Japan or anywhere else, well there is a good reason for the missing release. Today it was revealed on the Japanese website Yaraon that due to some issues with Tite Kubo’s health, he has momentarily put the manga on hiatus.

To recover from his sickness he is expected to take a few weeks off from the manga, though it is expected that he will be returning with a new chapter around August 20th. With Bleach in its “final story arc” it is certainly an unfortunate time for Kubo to fall ill, however the author’s health is obviously top priority and we wish him the best of luck with his recovery.

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  • Teraurel

    Thanx for the update, did they say how serious it was?

  • WEL

    bullshit. Kubo doesn’t even know what to do with the manga, that is the truth. 

    • ThatGuy

      Unless your making half decent manga(if your lucky), maybe you should shut your face >.>

    • kenpachi is aizen

      lmao as big as a fan u might be u kno thats true. he’s just trollin us like usual

  • Faisaldante

    Get better kubo were waiting for the next manga we true bleach fans are

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