Fortnite to be the first title to use Unreal Engine 4

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Some of you may remember a game called Fortnite which was given only a simple teaser last year. Well it turns out that that game will actually be the first game to ever use Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. During their San Diego Comic-Con panel, the company also stated that the title will be available only on the PC because the “Next-gen is here — it’s a high-end PC!” according to Cliff Bleszinski.

Cliff went on to state that “This game has a great style, and it deserves to be the first game to come out for Unreal Engine 4.” Though the title will still have a bit of a cartoonish look, it will feature all of UE4’s new tricks. Currently there is no release window for Fortnite, but we can likely expect one soon.

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