Skyrim – Which Perspective Do You Play?

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Talking in the third person is a sign of the crazy’s, but playing Third person is a joy, especially in the vast expansive world of Skyrim. In previous iterations of The Elder Scrolls Series first person was the better option for combat, which didn’t sit well with some gamers and I was one of them. If Skyrim didn’t have it’s improved Third Person camera/animations I probably wouldn’t be playing it, Bethesda probably knew this and was smart to refine it for console gamers, especially since this generation has seen many franchises benefit from the Third Person Shooter/Action Adventure genre.

I’d even argue that overall the game and it’s UI are better designed for the console this time around, and the PC version can get mods if they’re unhappy, so everyone wins really. So which perspective do you play? How do you see the world of Skyrim? I’d say 90% of the time is third person for me, 10% first person for looking at things to pick up more closely. There’s probably many gamers who are around the other way, who’ve been playing the The Elder Scrolls since forever, that’s why I’m interested to know.

So, Let us know!

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