Nintendo Wii getting a new Design; No Gamecube Compatibility …

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Here is some interesting news out of Europe this morning. It appears Nintendo are going to be slashing the price of the Nintendo Wii this holiday season (at least in the U.K.) and offering up a newly redesigned Wii that will be smaller and feature no Gamecube backwards compatibility. Yes, that means Gamecube controllers as well.

These new bundles will also now be bundled with Wii Party as well as the usual Wii Sports, but not much else looks to be changing aside from a new casing and price. This “Family Wii” is just for Europe as of now, so it is still unclear if Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Australia will follow suit with this repackaging, but we will be sure to bring you an update if we hear anything.

So what do you think of this new model? Is the lack of Gamecube support a problem? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    No Gamecube support? That’s not cool.
    Though I suppose since it’s going to be a “Family Wii” and not really for hardcore gamers, it makes sense. Younger kids aren’t going to care to much about backwards compatibility, they just want to waggle the remote around. A cheaper price just means more people can afford to get their hands on the system.

    So overall I think it’s a good move on Nintendo’s part. They can move some more consoles to those who’s budget dosen’t afford them enough extra cash to get a Wii. The more they sell the more potential for life long gamers they have.

    It’s sort of what Microsoft did with the Arcade 360. Cut out some features to make the product cheaper and get more people interested in the system.

    I just hope they keep the full Wii as an option for people who want the backwards compatibility.

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