Gears of War 3 will use $30 “Season Pass”

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Earlier today we reported that Gears of War 3’s first piece of DLC has already been detailed. It appears that the first DLC package will be released sometime in November, but you could secure your purchase of the extremely non-limited (read infinite) piece of digital content the day that Gears of War 3 comes out, as well as that of the first four DLC installments for the game.

Available the same day the game is released, Microsoft and Epic will be launching a Season Pass which will cost 2400 Microsoft points ($30) and will be set for the next few DLC packages coming out next year. The Season Pass will overall provide “33 percent discount on the game add-ons” than if you purchased them individually. Also if you buy the pass you will be rewarded with an “exclusive Liquid Metal Weapon Set” for free. This seems like a good deal for true fans of Gears of War 3, though pre-purchasing content is always a risky move, as there is no guarantee that the first pieces of DLC will even be worth their original price.

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  • So, preordering DLC? Ok, I guess that is fine if your a huge fan of Gears and know you want all the maps anyway, especially if its discounted. Seems like a good move Epic. Hopefully, other companies WILL follow this move of keeping their CUSTOMERS happy with good, non-restrictive deals. 🙂

  • Gatsu

    I don’t mind discounted DLC packages like this, but wait to announce until AFTER the games been out for at least a month. Then start the DLC marketing assault.

    • Cellophane Girl

      More and more games have been announcing DLC before the game has even come out.
      It is pretty annoying.
      Let us just enjoy the game and THEN announce the DLC. Even if it’s just a week, they should wait.

      Things like this almost make me feel like the companies are scared that people will lose interest in the game so fast, that they want to get their money quick before they decide they don’t want the game.
      It also could be seen a sneaky way to cut down on people trading in their games. If you have put money into DLC for a game you are probably less likely to want to trade it in, since you see yourself losing money on the DLC that way.

  • ITz Jok3R

    This is a great move as I will be one of a few others purchasing this as it is at a discounted price and you get a weapon skin pack with it for free.

    This also stops people trading it back in early and keeps people playing for the long run which is good as I like this franchise and they got good DLC packages anyway which means you can’t go wrong.

  • Look DLC Season pass had me at Hello .. It’s at a discount and plus you get extra stuff. And seeing that this is a very important title for Microsoft and EPIC GAMES, I don’t see Microsoft stuffing this up.

    I’m sold !! 🙂 Where do I sign ?

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