Female Shepard is officially a redhead

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Yes I was tempted to put “ranga” in the title, but we all know that’s offensive, plus I love redheads. Looks like I’m not alone in this, after the uproar about the blonde being chosen, they had a revote. Now that the blatant marketing exercise of picking a default hair colour is over, the redhead was the clear winner. No doubt not many people will actually pick the default character, they’ll probably just go with their original character from the previous games.

This was probably a pointless hype exercise on facebook, who knew hair colour would make people fire up so much? Apparently it was sexist and subsequently everyone voiced their opinion (hatin’ on blondes), at the end of the day it’s a good thing for female gamers and gets people interested in picking a female lead, instead of the typical male lead. Having a redhead femshep is less offensive and more dynamic apparently, also sexier IMO and it sells! Let me know if you disagree. Fire up!

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  • Travis Bruno

    I think that the redheaded femshep is perfect to be honest. I know when I was playing through both Mass Effect titles I used a redheaded female Shepard every time I played through as a female character.

    Also I’m not entirely sure if everyone was complaining much about her being blond, it was mostly due to the fact that having long hair as a choice in past games was pretty much impossible, so people voted initially for her to have the blond long hair for that purpose. But either way this was definitely a way to get people at least talking about the game, and probably get a lot more people to buy the special edition. I may as well as long as it isn’t way overpriced.

  • Jared Hilliers

    People just didn’t like the blonde, dumb and hopeless stereotype stapled on the default character. Blah blah blah… yeah redhead is the way to go. But I just use my previous saves as it is!

  • Claire Phillips

    I’m glad you didn’t say ranga, or as a Scot I may have had to hit you in the face with a bottle of Irn Bru. XD

    On topic – redhead looks far better than blondie, but like most people I’ll be using previous save/s…

  • Cellophane Girl

    Redheaded female Shepard is HOT!

    And she looks like she can take care of business. That fiery hair gives her a little something extra. A little more of as “I’m here to kick butt” attitude.

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