Space Invaders Gets A Hollywood Movie

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One of the producers of the Transformers trilogy plans on making THIS into a film. Good luck buddy!

Yep. You read it right. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 1978 video game Space Invaders is preparing to invade the big screen. Producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Odd Lot Entertainment’s Gigi Pritzker have teamed up and got their hands on the rights to make film adaptation of Space Invaders. And yeah, I know what your thinking! Your thinking ‘Oh no! Lorenzo di Bonaventura? Isn’t he behind that Doom movie and that GI Joe movie? Sad Panda!’ Well cheer up emo kid, he’s not Uwe Boll! di Bonaventura also produced Constantine as well as all three Transformers movies. The two are currently looking for someone to write the script, but many are wondering how the hell a good script based on Space Invaders in the first place. Apparently di Bonaventura thinks makings movies based on 80s videos games are a good idea, because he agreed to produce a movie based on the game Asteroids when Universal Studios snatched up the rights to make a movie for it back in 2009, with Matthew Lopez writing the script who wrote Race To Witch Mountain. Oh well, it can’t be much worse than that Mario Bros movie. Can it?

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  • jaypea360

    This is just going to fail. What an extremely far fetched idea. Futurama brought Space Invaders back to life in one episode and was done quite well. A full length film though boggles my mind as to how they can pull it off.

    • So true. It’s like making a movie on the Mario Bros. It has no story, so they gotta make up a story that no one will like, which will have nothing to do with Space Invaders. Its so dumb!

    • Mitchell485

      hahaha i saw that one

  • I remember hearing a few years ago some genius (probably this same guy) bought the rights to do – wait for it – a Pacman movie. How the hell would that work??

    Also, there actually is a live-action movie in the works based on Mad magazine’s Spy vs Spy. Seriously. It’s in production. Expect it in the next year or so.

    Jesus, Hollywood. I’m losing faith in you.

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