Valet Parking 1989 parks on the DSiWare May 30th..

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Get those sunglasses on, roll up your sleeves, and gel your that as Zordix have officially dated their newest title, Valet Parking 1989, which will be coming to North America on May 30th through the DSiWare download service. Since the official announcement and trailer were released a while back, I have been anticipating Valet Parking 1989 for a while now as it just seems to stick out for the download service due to it’s stylistic 80’s retro feel and simple gameplay.

In this game, time management is key as players must park and deliver cars for clients as quickly in neon-lit 80’s setting. I am honestly wanting to say that Valet Parking 1989’s premise reminds me a bit of Diner Dash, but with a lot more flare and charm as well as the promised “movie-like story mode” which sounds equally as promising. In less than 2 weeks, the ability to park cars for “totally rad” clients and celebrities will be a reality for all DSi owners in this addictive little puzzler. For more information, check out the official website for Valet Parking 1989 by clicking HERE.

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