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Whilst the excitement for the new Modern Warfare 3 is palpable, gaming retailer EB Games have announced upon preordering, gamers can receive an exclusive MW3 poster featuring the recently released image of the soldier among a white background as well as an actual TIME magazine cover on the back.

Also, a source close to Infinity Ward has revealed the proposed storyline for the 8th instalment. Is is yet to be confirmed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer, but rumours running rife around the internet say the plot is pretty much close to the actual players will experience.

The following storyline is below:

“Modern Warfare 3 opens as Modern Warfare 2 closed: The United States under siege by Russian forces, ultranationalist Vladimir Makarov on the loose, Captain John “Soap” MacTavish and Captain John Price wounded and on the run with the Russian informant known as Nikolai.

Fleeing to a safehouse in Dharmasala, India, the three are attacked by Makarov’s men. In this firefight players take on the role of Yuri, a loyalist who works for Nikolai. Their safehouse compromised, the group flee the area in a helicopter.

The game then cuts to Manhattan where Russia is launching an attack on the city from a fleet of ships parked in the Hudson River. (It appears the famous U.S.S. Intrepid may be destroyed.) The U.S. calls in Delta Force to repel the attack. You take on the role of Frost, a Delta Force operative under the command of Sandman. Your goal is to take out a jamming tower on top of the New York Stock Exchange to open the area for a U.S. counterattack.

Following the mission, Delta flies out of the city on a Blackhawk, gunning down enemy choppers as they make their way to the harbor where they have to infiltrate and take down a Russian sub which is coordinating the attack.

As the New York missions wrap up the game jumps forward in time half a year, thrusting players into the role of a Russian agent tasked with protecting the president of Russia as he flies to sign a peace treaty with the U.S. The plane is attacked by hijackers mid-air who attempt to kidnap the president and his daughter. The daughter manages to escape. The president of Russia in hand, Makarov vows to prevent a peace treaty by getting the launch codes out of the president and launching an attack against the U.S.

The game then returns us to Price, Soap and Yuri, now in Africa in a search for Makarov. They meet with a local South African arms dealer who tells them about a shipment of chemical weapons that Makarov is trying to buy. The group make their way to Sierra Leone to secure the weapons from African militia.

Next, players take on the role of an SAS operative who is tasked with stopping a delivery of weapons of mass destruction at a London dockyard. A gun battle ensues, and the agents are chased through the London subway. The mission culminates with a series of unmarked trucks exploding in front of the house of Parliament, releasing a deadly chemical agent.

Several other European cities and military bases are hit by similar terrorist attacks backed by Russia, and the death toll rises to the tens of thousands. The series of chemical attacks opens the door for a Russian military blitz strikes across the continent.

Price discovers that the South African arms dealer who tipped them off about the chemical weapons deceived them and travels to Somalia to find the man and interrogate him. Through the arms dealer, Price discovers that Makarov’s right hand man, Volk, is hiding out in Paris.

The game’s attention next shifts to Hamburg, Germany where players take on the role of a U.S. tank gunner fighting to push back a Russian advance backed by armored divisions.

As Hamburg falls, the game shifts us back to the story of Price and his crew. Now in Paris, players control Delta Force operative Frost who, with the help of the French special forces, leads an assault on Volk’s location in the underground catacombs of the city. Next, players take to the sky supporting Frost’s ground movements as a gunner in an AC-130.

After capturing and interrogating Volk, Frost learns that Makarov has a meeting in a Prague hotel. Players control Yuri as he and Soap slip into the Russian-controlled city and set-up an ambush for Makarov in a church bell tower. Makarov somehow catches wind of the trap and escapes. Soap, Yuri and Price then have to fight their way out of the city.

Yuri leads the team to one of Makarov’s headquarters in the Czech mountains and the group infiltrates the location, looking for clues. They discover that the ultra-nationalist has the president and is trying to get the codes out of him. Makarov has also discovered the location of the Russian president’s daughter. The group move out to Berlin to try and prevent her kidnapping. Playing as Frost, gamers must find the daughter and protect her, while making their way through war-torn Berlin. The daughter, however, is captured and flown away.

Frost next makes his way to the Kremlin where a task force of operatives attack and free the hostages, but Makarov manages to escape again.

The game’s final mission occurs in Dubai, where Yuri, Price and Sandman launch an assault on a heavily guarded hotel, eventually finding Makarov and, yes, finally killing him.

It also appears that the game may also include a post-credits level that features the burning of Washington, D. C.

The stage seems set for a passing of the torch: from player-controlled members of Task Force 141 to the new characters from Delta Force.”

Despite current rumors, this storyline does not feature Ghost whom many believe would be the main protagonist in the new game.

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  • Well if it did feature Ghost, I am pretty sure he would be a ghost if you know what I mean 😉 That fire was pretty hot, eh?

    • bob

      you must of been Jewish because you just got burned 🙂 ( no offence to jews 🙂 im 50%

      • what

        you can’t be 50% jewish its a belief. either you believe it or you don’t

  • GRIEF1704

    People gotta stop being soooo deluded!!! we saw Ghost get SHOT IN THE HEAD and covered in gasoline and BURNT…HE IS DEAD…jesus christ, you’d think people think he’s…jesus christ or something?

    • lol so true .. haha i was thinking the same thing .. how could he be back

    • bob

      you gotta think! these people want to have a game that shows ghost side of the story from the beginning to end. not after mw2

    • Anonymous

      Ghost is not dead he was shot on the right side of his chest he just passed out from the wound and when i fire starts
      Makarov men come and ghost starts to get up and Makarov men start to pull him out and take him as a prisoner

    • Anonymous

      he wasnt shot in the head it was his shoulder and roach was the only one set on fire god someone doesnt pay attention

  • Ryno

    It seems as though the story jumps around a lot..

    • blakehu

      Nothing new I guess, previous COD where too. 😛

      • edsgffdd

        i know man but robert bowling said ghost isnt “exactly dead”

  • Gigigi

    People say that they heard ghost say something in loose ends the mission when shepard betrays em at the start of the mission just b4 he said iiey y do i hav to where this fire proof equipment and the bullet that killed him didnt hit him on the but on the shoulder he may be alive

  • john

    yeah and yuri plus there should be ghost in there some were

  • adam

    soap and price should be in the last mission

  • Not a retard

    > Implying that anyone cares about Call of Duty’s story line.

    Seriously; I bought MW2 a day or two after release. Completed “story”* and Spec Ops modes on Veteran in about 12 hours, played a few hours of multiplayer, considered where my life had gone wrong, went back to playing Halo and Battlefield.
    And I only know about two other people who actually played the story.

    *And by story, I mean a series of random one liners that somehow string together a series of uninteresting and uninspired firefights.

    • WarPig

      If you don’t like Call of duty so much, why are you commenting on a forum about Modern Warfare 3? I think someone has feelings for the series…

  • Halley

    Ghost was shot in the head and burnt. What chance is there of him being alive!?

    • Anonymous

      he wasnt shot in the head he was shot just above the kidney, but he survived cause when he dies you see him blink once. he just passed out from the impact of the 44. magnum. and when he got burned makarovs men pulled him out, put the fire out, and took him as prisoner.

  • Anonymous

    ghost may be alive we dont know infinity award never said he was dead at the beta play at e3

  • Anonymous

    u all r stupid ghost is alive he was shot in in the shoulder


    Ghost is alive cuz he got shot in the shoulder and they only put Roach on fire.

  • Anonymous

    Use must all be virgins

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