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Who wants a Duke Nukem Forever First Access code for XBOX ? I know I do… Oh wait I already have one. Leave a comment below on why you NEED THIS CODE !!! The bestest (yes that’s a word cos DUKE said it was) comments will win the code. Once you win it you can Kick ASS and Chew Bubblegum with MasterAbbott.

We’ll have a few codes to give away so make sure your comments are SUPER COOL, make us laugh a little, be creative, think like Duke, maybe put yourself in his shoes and think what he’d say if he wanted to win a code.

Good Luck – We’ll announce winners soon.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    Dude I love kicking ass and chewing bubble gum. I should get a code because I am a person of the female persuasion and we all know Duke loves the ladies. Duke would be all “hellz yeah ladies are the bestest gender to oogle at” Then he’d wave codes around for a lap dance or something.
    If Duke were me and wanted a code..well I think having boobs would distract him from wanting the code really. He’d just grope himself a bit and then try to find another chick to make out with. Then the real me would just swoop in and grab the code.
    So in conclusion, give me a code so we don’t give duke an identity crisis!! (also because I gave you happy thoughts of girls making out and stuff, and isn’t that worth a code?)

  • stablerkiller11

    i need this because i have balls of steel
    and after 12 F****** years i should still have them.

  • Adam

    I have been playing Duke Nukem since I was very young. I first started out on the Time To Kill game and moved on. I love the humor in the game and saving the world. The games were always great, I am finishing up college now to go into creating video games! This would be awesome to participate and play in the demo!! It would make my year!!!

  • Gay Robot

    I should get one because I was snubbed.

  • Makroskizhar

    I would absolutely love a code because I have been a fan of Duke Nukem since the first game in 1991. I have at least one version of every Duke game out to date, apart from the mobile phone games and have been awaiting this game sine it was first announced in 1997. Hail to the king baby!

  • Blake

    I used to play Duke Nukem sidescrollers from Apogee back in the day. I got Duke Nukem 3D in a shop 3 hours south of me, because there were no game stores where I lived. Duke 3D on the PC with my buddies over LAN: Many pipebombs were thrown, good times were had. I’ve still got my copy of PC Gamer that announced Duke Nukem Forever. I’ve been waiting for 14 years, even though I could wait a bit longer, June 3rd would be a nice day to play some Duke Nukem.

  • Mr.Inkognito

    I should get a FAC beacuse in my country (Sweden) we don’t get any FAC when we order DNF and you can’t buy Borderlands GOTYE. So my only chance to get a key is if somebody gives me one.
    I would really love to get a key because even since 3D Realms released the first DNF trailer I have been dreaming about playing the game.

    It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum.

  • Cyber

    I need THIS CODE! I’m gonna make them suck it down while I fly in the air and save naked hot brawless chicks from being molested by aliens and have them all undulate all before me. If it is good enough for Master Duke Nukem himself its good enough for me!


    Guess who’s back? Guess who’s back?
    It’s The King, it’s The King,
    And I wanna crack
    At all those Aliens,
    Who stole our chicks again,
    ‘Let’s rock’ , yeah, time to bring The Pain,
    Whistling my Duke Nukem Song,
    As I send them back to hell with another pipe bomb!

    ‘What the hell!?’ they might say,
    As I whip out my shrinking ray,
    And if that still don’t do the trick,
    I’ve gotta an RPG and a HUGE…stick 😉
    ‘Piece of cake’ is a phrase those Aliens have learned to fear,
    Because that’s usually the last thing they hear,
    As my Mighty Boot flies through another alien head,
    The ladies can’t wait to get me into bed…
    ‘There’s plenty Duke to go round’ I say,
    And I’m busy busting those aliens,
    so not today,
    maybe in a couple of weeks,
    Because If I don’t fight ‘em,
    Who will- not those computer geeks?

    Just one thing I need before I can bust that scum,
    Is an access code,
    I need just one,
    Then let the alien whopping begin,
    Because I AM THE DUKE,
    And I always WIN…

    Hail to The King baby!

    – The Dukester (2011)

  • LOL VERY GOOD I have to say our first winner of the access code goes to – The Dukester (2011) GREAT HARDCORE – DUKE Poem. Good see your love for Duke is Forever 😉

    Email going out to you now.

  • We have more codes to give away .. so dont stop leave your comments for a chance to win !! 🙂


  • the dukester

    The duke needs this code if he dosn’t get his code hes going to get mad and try to
    “find some alien toilet to park his bricks”
    If he is still denied he will use his
    “balls of steel”
    to get you to
    “hail to the king baby”
    and if he gets the code hes gonna
    “kick ass and chew bubble gum” but guess what what hes “ALL OUTTA GUM”

  • adam7651


    now that deserves a code 🙂

  • BallsOF F******Steel

    Game just looks amazing… And yeah I WOULD LIKE TO PLAY THE GAME AND CHEW BUBBLE GUM. But if i dont get the code, im out of gum. HAIL TO THE CODE BABY! MY BALLS ARE NOT STEEL IF I DONT GET THE CODE! So GEEZUS!!! HAIL TO THE CODE!!!!!!

  • Dukenukemfan

    I want this game because I played every duke nukem game so far. And I´m so hyped about the game, I can´t wait till the release 😐

  • bang bang

    I am sick and without the code I will die…maybe

  • Casey

    well i like to kick ass and chew bubblegum and you know bubble gum aint cheap these days so i would like to save money and trees which makes me a hero and that means all the chicks dig me

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