3D is coming out of this guy’s arm. Really!

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Sometimes, it just isn’t enough to have an AR card.  Even an app on a smartphone is not always handy.  And so, a certain gentleman named Cranberryzero (not a real name) got a tattoo on his arm that replicates a Mii AR card.  Guess what!?  It works too.   A 3DS camera, when pointed at the arm of said person, will display a holographic Mii.  The tattoo works best in dark light, as the light messes up the camera’s ability to make out the tattoo from the guy’s skin.  Nonetheless, this “invention” is pretty cool, but it will be awkward  someday.

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  • Wow. You’d wanna be absolutely sure it was going to work before you got that tattooed on you. Forever.

  • Yes I agree you .. what if it didnt work !! LOL .. man well now he wont have worry about losing that AR card anymore 😉

    The things people do.

    • Ohh .. yeah forgot to mention .. it’d be a little hard to play AR games with one hand 😉 haha

  • Cellophane Girl

    That’s crazy. Admittedly it’s a bit cool. But how do you explain that tattoo to people if you don’t have a 3DS with you, or to people who don’t know what the AR cards are?
    Not to mention even if the technology is around when the guy gets older, is the card going to work when his skin gets all wrinkly?
    Well I guess that’s what cover-up tattoos and laser removal are for. 😉

    • surely you’d think this technology is going to advance (fairly quickly you’d imagine) to the point where it doesn’t need such an idiotic card design to work… then what will he do.

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