PSN outage, who’s to blame?

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If you own a PS3 and like playing online, you’ve likely been pretty pissed these past few days.  This past week the servers were acting kind of funny, dropping connection every now and then but nothing major.  Now the entire network is down in its entirety for the past two or three days, during a crucial gaming weekend (mortal kombat, portal 2).  So, you ask, who’s to blame?

The easy target is 4chan group, Anonymous.  Anonymous has been targeting Sony for a while now ever since Sony sought litigation against George “Geohot” Hotz for hacking the PS3 in an attempt to revive the Other OS feature that Sony removed.  Anonymous was previously the source of a network failure some weeks ago, but have put out a PSA stating that they don’t wish to inconvenience users in their attack on Sony.  Sony fanboys elite have denounced this as nothing more than damage control and claim that Anon is hard at work again, being the root and course of this latest outage.  Even Sony themselves has updated their blog stating that an attack from an outside source seems to be the problem, though they do not mention Anonymous.

Anonymous has revealed that they are attacking Sony, just not the PSN servers.  Just released tonight, mere minutes ago, Anon has divulged that they are attacking Sony’s website and not the PSN servers, again reiterating that they do not want to attack the users.

Regardless of you who believe in this whole situation, network failures suck.  🙁

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  • Anonymous says they aren’t doing anything but Sony also mentioned on their blog site that the PSN is down due to “external intrusion”. So either Sony is lying to save face, Anonymous is lying/trolling, or a 3rd splinter cell group are the ones behind it. Either way – People are pissed.

    Sony better have a good back plan.

    • *Back up plan.

    • Zowwerz

      I reckon they’re hiding their own mistake(s) lol..

  • renegade

    if anon says they didn’t do it, they didn’t do it.
    They’re in the habit of boasting about their achievements, not lying about them.

    Seems far more likely that Sony is using anon as an excuse for their own problems.

    • carl

      Of course anonymous will lie in this instance if they made a mistake.

      Anonymous relies on the support and respect of consumers and public advocates.
      This support stems on anonymous hurting big bullying organisations and companies.

      If their actions directly and adversely affect those they are desperate to gain the respect of, they will not take credit.

      Just like governments always take credit when lowering taxes through cuts.
      Governments cover up tax increases sweeping it under the carpet.

      Anonymous may have accidentally targeted the wrong Sony infrastructure not expecting what it really was or a renegade anonymous wanna be group did it.

      Doesnt matter fact is Anonymous like any organisation has a true motive to live and coverup things.

  • Anon seem like the type you wouldn’t trust if they said they were just attacking the site.

    BUT, Im sure anon includes PSN users, and it makes sense to not want to hurt the users, its an interesting situation. Hope this never happens to Xbox Live!

  • gamer1pc

    anon is not attacking psn as it will mess with gamers which was not their purpose.

  • blakehu

    Well this happens. I don’t blame Sony.
    What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. 😛

  • Whether this is Anonymous or not I still feel they’re in–part responsible. They set this ball in motion and someone is picking up where they left off. This is a lose lose situation. I may not agree entirely with what Sony does but this isn’t an answer either.

  • Doubletap

    First I have heard of this group – but I don’t really interest myself such things. I find it hard to believe a big company like Sony who would look to save face on an error of their own. I’ve dealt with their crap on bad service and overpricing and they don’t care about their customers. Whatever the truth is – as in a lot of situations it’s the end-of the-line user who gets screwed.

  • Zowwerz

    Once again, glad I’m an XBOX owner!!

  • its all very hollywood but they have a very valid point. i doubt it is them and just sony trying to ppin something on them, time will tell.

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