Microsoft says Dungeon Fighter Online will not be freemium

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Ah Microsoft… long have you been seen as a tad bit money hungry but nothing says it more when the developers of a company say that they will release their game on your console as a freemium title, and then you turn around and make it cost money. In a response to our inquiry Microsoft has responded saying that Dugneon Fighter Online will not be a freemium game but will be game requiring to be paid to download.

They also stated that DFO will have “online multiplayer features” but did not go into further detail. Dungeon Fighter Online will be developed by Nexon and Softmax with Nexon being the company who developed the original free-to-play with extra purchasable content inside MMORPG. As to what the online will be for Dungeon Fighter Online on the Xbox 360 we will have to wait and see. Dungeon Fighter Online will see a release sometime this year internationally.

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