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Well, it is a new year, and one of our projects for this year is to start a podcast.  Of course it will be the best podcast ever, but we want your suggestions to make it the best.  So, retweet this, Facebook it, and do whatever you want to do to this post.  We want as many suggestions as possible.  In return, we will give you the best damn entertainment this side of Australia!

Some things to think about:

What should we discuss? Should we do reviews, news, reader mail, what have you been playing, etc?

Every week or every two weeks?

Anything else? Don’t limit your suggestions, we will consider anything!

On behalf of the Capsule Computers, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to every member of this entire community (Web, Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube).  Thanks for reading!

Also, submit your reader emails, suggestions and everything else you might want to hear on the show  to so that we can read ’em on our first podcast!

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  • What I know about successful podcasts is that they keep the listener interested in the company with daily or semi-weekly (every other day) by submitting new material via podcasts. Reviews, news, anything gamer related that you do NOT want people going to other websites for. You want to be the voice of gaming and want everyone referring and coming back to you. Podcasts are great because people can listen to them on their own time and I also feel that you guys are going to do great with them. Have a great day!

  • blakehu

    Great Idea. I can’t promise that I could it listen, but I would like to hear about reader mails discussons. I always like to hear others opinnions. 🙂

  • Cellophane Girl

    Reader submitted questions and a question for fan discussion is great. You can end every podcast with the question for the next week, or 2 weeks, whatever ends up being best for you. I think a week would be best to keep people interested.
    Try to keep the podcasts themselves under 20 minutes or so. If things get to long people have a hard time paying attention.
    I think this needs to be about community involvement. Just like everything else on this site. 🙂
    Talk about news that happened during the week, and games that you guys are personally playing, and let others weigh in on the games they have been playing that week. (new, old, whatever for any system, just whatever they have taken a liking to playing that week).

    I’m happy to see you’ll be doing a podcast. 🙂

  • great ideas! send us what you have been playing as well as your questions to the email above! Thanks guys and girls!

  • cranepuffin

    I think a podcast has to have current relevant topics. To be good, interav=ction with the listens is necessary and provides different points of views. For anyone that missed the live podcast, being able to access archived ones according to topic would be helpful.

  • hestar

    You guys should do a podcast every Week and should be around 25-30 mins or so.Enough to get ppl interested and enough to have them coming back for more next week.

    you should talk about what games your playing,games your looking forward to in the week or coming month.Also taking viewer mail would be good as it feels ppl are connecting with you guys.

    Also you should have mini-giveaways to build up interest in the podcast.People will come for the cake,and stay for the booze.

    And most important,Make sure to talk about all system,even give the pc gamers some love :)..I think if you guys do that it will be a smashing success!!

  • will285

    Firstly I would have the podcast every week.

    You should talk about up and coming games, new games, popular games, maybe promotions for games, u could have a competition as well, answer questions, show game trailers, maybe get special quests on.

    I would make the podcast at least 10 minutes

  • ropes

    For each viewer how long a person is willing and wanting to listen to a podcast is different.

    30 minutes is the typical maximum for podcasts. 1 hour podcasts are good as well for special events (CES) or important gaming news (new game consoles).

    Ideally they you would talk about old games as well as new games 1-2 weeks.
    Most the podcast should talk about game reviews as well as previews to upcoming games. To make your podcast noticed more make sure to review or introduce a lesser known game to new audiences.

    Game promotions or giveaways only increase traffic temporarily so make sure to differentiate from other games sites for focusing on specific types of games each week such as RPG week, puzzle week, or things such the CES.

    It is good talk about games from a gamers point of view not from a developer. Find out types of games, console preference,and/or reviews what a majority of your site visitors like to most.

    If the podcasts are semi weekly then 10-15 minutes should be all. When people are searching through the podcasts have information under the heading such as games reviewed or previewed. Categorizing games is always helpful to new visitors.

    • Cellophane Girl

      I like that idea of having an overall theme for each podcast. Specific game types, consoles, a retro week.. things like that. Sounds awesome to me.


    I’d love a podcast on comparing Australian gaming to the rest over the world. What type of games do Australians prefer? Are there any games/systems that are solely sold in Australia? That type of thing.

  • I reckon you should have some music – in the form of both old and new game theme tunes 🙂

  • Raphael

    i think the main thing here is about 30 minutes a week total, check out the forum post to (i thought that was where everyone was going too leave their ideas) also updates on what is happening behind the scenes too the website would be great

  • Guys and Gals thanks for all great comments and suggestions. We’ve chosen one of you lucky peeps and that lucky person is :


    Congrats and thanks for your great ideas !! 🙂

    Everyone else we also thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and ideas. We’ll look into all of them when we start our Podcast !! 🙂

  • Cellophane Girl

    Congrats hestar!

    I can’t wait for the podcasts. 😀

  • cool to have people questions answered in the podcast, and congrats to the winner!

  • frankcastle66

    I think it should have some type of really cool theme for it involving a blast from the past of gaming to the present with a cool theme song in the background and right at the end the the theme you guys should put a bunch of 8 bit blocks breaking away or exploding to reveal “the best damn entertainment this side of Australia” i would love that

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