The Force will be strong… in 2011?


After two amazing E3 events and two incredible videos, Electronic Arts has announced that early 2011 is not the date your looking for in regards to a release date for the Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic. The new release date is scheduled for sometime around in the fiscal year of 2012, which starts after April 2011.   EA has just taken over publishing and distribution rights for the game, which it had been previously been sharing with Lucas Arts.  So far, this is Electronic Art’s largest project ever, as measured by the total amount spent on development.  As with anything Star Wars, I am geeking out.  Anybody else with me?

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  • jaypea360

    I’m with ya. I’m a sucker for anything Star Wars. I never got into MMOs, but that may change when this game is out.

  • ropes

    I am very interested in the new MMO the cinematics look great and since they have invest so deeply in the game I think it will have plenty of subscribers possibly up to 1 million by the end of 2012.

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