Games for the Holidays schedule and trailer

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“Games for the Holidays” is microsoft’s upcoming festive game promotion. Each week starting on December 22nd, a new game will come out from MGS. These games vary in style and leave plenty of room for something for anyone. The unique feature in these games, is that each of the games feature the characters from the other two games, so you can play as any of the characters within any of the games.

Here are the release dates for the three games:

  • December 22: A World of Keflings, 800 Microsoft Points
  • December 29: Raskulls, 800 Microsoft Points
  • January 5: ilomilo, 800 Microsoft Points

Below is a new video showing gameplay from A World of Keflings, Raskulls and ilomilo.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    That’s pretty cool how all 3 are linked together like that.
    I wonder if you have to have the other games to play their parts in a game. I’d imagine so.
    Still ilomilo is really cute and well worth 800 points. The other 2 I’m not sure about since I never played the first kelfling game and I’m not the best at platformers. But I like the visual style of Raskulls.

  • frankcastle66

    a world of keflings isnt for me but i love the way ilomilo and raskulls look and i want both of them really bad i like the way you can play the people from the other games thats a great idea i loved when they did it for supermeat boy

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