Capcom game reveal – Devil May Cry

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Straight out of TGS comes several new games by Capcom, one of which is a new installment of the Devil May Cry series.  Currently there is no number at the end of the title, one assuming it would be Devil May Cry 5, instead the game was simply called “DmC”.

Series protagonist, Dante, seems to be the main character this go around.  Not only that, but he is also sporting a radical new look.  He looks decidedly younger and just a teensy bit more rebellious (should that be possible).

No word if Nero, the main character from DMC4, will be returning.  Something else interesting to note, as part of Capcom’s new drive to become more successful in the west, Ninja Theory will be developing this title, with several Capcom reps flying out to work with the British developer to collaborate.  Check out the gallery below for some screenshots.

  • GuyverV

    i’m incredibly disappointed with this unnecessary redesign

  • Berman

    i dont like the new devil may cry, all of my friends are massively dissapointed with it, PLEASE! dont change the old version of devil may cry and dante because the new version is SUCK! >=(

  • Berman

    OH! BTW the REal dante looks like an EMO! he looks like a gay! DAMN! JUST! FUCK the crew’s who redesigned it! you Folks should listen more to the fans of it like us because we are the one who’s playing your games but i think not anymore man, not anymore.

  • Berman

    oh! my bad i mean the new dante, sorry.

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