Steam Summer Deals: Last Day of Sales + GAME GIVE AWAY !!

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It’s your last chance to take advantage of Steam’s Summer Deals, today is the final day for all those crazy deals.

For this final day Steam is doing an encore for the Summer Sale’s Top Sellers. Check it out:

Click on the image to check those deals. You can look for even more games on Steam’s website, there’s a lot of “hidden deals” too.

NOW LETS GIVE AWAY A RANDOM STEAM POWERED PC GAME !!   This will be a PC GAME from Steam.  It will be RANDOM you wont be able to choose it .. So it could be anything thats currently on special at the moment 🙂

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and let us know what BARGAINS YOU’VE ALREADY PURCHASED from STEAM !! And also what GAMES You still want to get before the SPECIALS END !!

Once entry per person.  Lucky winner will be announced on this post at th end of the week (THIS FRIDAY 9th JULY) 

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Will who said:

I haven’t bought anything yet but I would like to get GTA4 or Battlefield!!!!!!!
Congrats to everyone that entered the competition !! We’ll be doing another one VERY soon.  So make sure to check back soon here on the site, Twitter and FACEBOOK !! 🙂
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  • Death31133

    The games that I bought were left 4 dead 2 and team fortress classic. I would like to have garrys mod or counter strike source. I won’t be able to get any more so please pick me!!!!

  • Andrew

    I haven’t bought any of these bargains yet.

  • oasis789

    I got Borderlands!

  • I capitilized on the Killing Floor deal when it was out before all these other ones… Then I bought my TV so I’ve been stripped for cash the entire time these sales have been on.

    Civ 4 and Just Cause are soooooooooo cheap and so worth it.

  • Jcole432

    I’ve already bought Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 as well as Grand Theft Auto 3. I really want to get borderlands or GTAIV, but I’m broke… 🙁

  • Sonucais

    I got some Indie games and other little games such Toki Tori or Dark Void and gave as a gift Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 to my gf because I really wanted to play with her before buy game to myself.

  • Ragno

    I got SF IV and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage :333


    STREET FIGHTER 4 It was very interesting worth

  • 1Crystalus1

    I have bought Left 4 Dead 2 and The Serious Sam HD Pack. I really want Borderlands…

  • FaultyWiring

    I gifted Altitude to 2 of my friends. Didn’t buy anything for myself…
    I got gifted Ghost Master, the 95 cent game. I wanted to pick up Bad Company 2 and DiRT 2, maybe a few others. DiRT 2 I missed the daily deal, and Bad Company 2 didn’t fall in price as much as I wanted it to!

  • Will

    I haven’t bought anything yet but I would like to get GTA4 or Battlefield!!!!!!!

  • Gail

    I have World of Goo. Would love to get Left for Dead 2 🙂

  • Nordom

    I haven’t taken advantage of the Steam sale but Trine and Killing Floor caught my eye!

  • Bill

    Got L4D2 for a friend, was debating on buying the Unreal pack that was out, as well as Battlefield.

  • John

    I gifted L4D2, but there are plenty of games I’d love to play.

  • Thusaha

    I already got Borderlands, World of Goo, L4D2, Killing Floor and Civ IV Complete

    I would love to get BFBC2, BioShock 2, Mass Effect 2 or GTA4(It isn’t available here)

  • Khalid

    I got Galcon Fusion.

  • Tom Shephard

    I’ve bought Bioshock 2 and GTA IV.

    I would like to get L4D2.

  • juscelino

    i don’t buy anything this time, but already bought a lot of games from steam like cod:mw2, l4d1 & 2, counter strike, and will like to win alien x predator!

  • David ferrandino

    Wow, you guys are practically giving these games away!
    I got gta Iv for next to nada that to you guys

  • James

    I haven’t purchased any of the bargains, but I would like Battlefield 2!

  • Joshua Delorme

    I haven’t purchased anything cuz I just found out today and I burnt my money on crackdown 2 🙁 that was a bad choice.

  • Janice

    haven’t yet taken advantage of the bargains, but GTA IV at 75% off? wow!

  • mrkaboom

    ive bought LFD2!!
    Great game! I stil want to get red faction!

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