Silent Hill 8 – Debut Trailer is out!

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The debut trailer for Silent Hill 8 has just been released!

The newest title in the series tells the story of Murphy Pendleton, a convict who after the prison bus has an accident, takes shelter in (can you guess?) Silent Hill!

The game is being developed for the X-Box and PS3 by Vatra Games and will be published by Konami. Both companies promised “an all-new storyline and unique evolutions in gameplay” for this horror action adventure title.

  • Neo_Metatron

    Yep, looks like a Silent Hill game to me! No high hopes for this one, since Konami pretty much ran the series into the ground.

    Instead of making a new game they should just remake Silent Hill 2 in HD with slight improvements, but please no re-imagining Konami. I guess if they’d do the same to Silent Hill 2 with what they did to SH1 on WII a horde of SH2 fanboys would decent on Konami HQ and snuff them out like Pyramide Head.

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