Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack arrives tomorrow on PSN with Double XP

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Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling @fourzerotwohas announced that Playstation 3 owners will be able to pick up new Modern Warfare 2 “Stimulus Pack” tomorrow on May 4th via the Playstation Network (PSN) Store.   Along with the Stimulus Package being available Infinity Ward will be switching on Double XP on all playlists, for all players !!

So if you want to work on getting to those higher Prestige levels make sure you login and get cracking.  Everything you do will be earning you twice as many XP points, kills, objectives noob toobing, care package stealing, you name it. 

If you want to know more about the Stimulus Pack check out our review here.

Stay Frosty 😉

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  • frank

    i didnt get it for the 360 and im not getting it for the ps3 i think its a waste of money

  • LiiKeTRiiX

    Im looking for it where is it? been on the playstation store and nothing any 1?

  • “Posted by Philip Federico on May 4, 2010”
    “tomorrow on May 4th”

    How is it possible that tomorrow and today is on may 4th?

    • it is when u live in australia 😉 we are always ahead of everyone 😉

  • JB

    i just brought and downloaded the new map packs for ps3 and i can’t seem to access them in the game, what is going on??

  • tenno

    i agree with jb, i downloaded it last night and installed it and pretty much says that need to download the map pack…..(what i already did) tho im kind of thinking that they havent alowed it to be played yet or something at this time of the day, i dont really know

  • JB

    yeah seriously whats doing??

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