Doom II Achievements

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I’m a huge Doom fan, and it has been known for a while that Doom 2 will be coming to the XBLA eventually. The good news is, the achievements for the game have finally been revealed. The bad news is, there is still no set date for release.

The achievement list below is pretty straight forward, and follows suit with the achievements found in the first game. There are the general achievements which should be very easy and then the “Superior Firepower” achievement which is going to be hard but manageable. There is also an online achievement, but unlike the first one which had 3 online achievements, Doom 2 only has 1 and it should be manageable. I’ve seen worse. The achievement list seems doable and besides a few they are pretty easy.

  • Just Getting Started – 10 – Complete any level in Single player
  • Rip and Tear – 20 – Complete any level on ‘Nightmare’ in Single player
  • Superior Firepower – 25 – Complete all levels on ‘Ultra-Violence’ or higher in Single player
  • An Important Looking Door – 10 – Find a secret area of a level in Single player
  • From Earth To Hell – 25 – Complete all levels in ‘DOOM II: Hell on Earth’ in Single player
  • And Back Again – 25 – Complete all levels in ‘DOOM II: No Rest for the Living’ in Single player
  • Burning Out of Control – 15 – Complete any level with 100% kills, items, and secrets in Single player
  • Destroyer – 20 – Get 100 frags in Deathmatch on Xbox LIVE
  • The Great Communicator – 10 – Get 20 kills using the Chainsaw in a single level in Single player
  • A Man and a Half – 10 – Get 20 kills using the Berserk Powerup in a single level in Single player
  • You Have Huge Guts – 20 – Kill a CyberDemon using your fists in Single player
  • A Really Big Gun – 10 – Find a BFG in Single player

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